GreenScape Consulting provides development services, at all stages of design and construction, for golf, sports, leisure and tourism projects.

Development Programing

Every successful project needs programming in detail to ensure that all components are delivered at the time required, and by the people responsible for their delivery, ultimately to ensure that the developer's vision is achieved

At an early stage in any project, GreenScape will prepare appropriate programmes for each component and each phase of a project. Not only does this focus on what has to be done to achieve the vision, but also it clearly illustrates the various resources that will be required.

Master Planning

The Master Plan is the most significant plan of any sports, leisure and tourism development. It determines the siting and layout of the component parts of any development, and is quite often the plan used to obtain statutory permission for a project, having had scaled details and features added to the earlier conceptual design plans.

Completion of the master plan also enables more detailed cost estimates to be prepared, which in turn are used to update the financial section of a feasibility study, and or enable developers to secure the necessary finance or investment to carry out the proposed development.

When produced in full colour, master plans are the first easily understood graphical representation of the proposed development. The plan can then be used for a variety of purposes including informing community or government officials, presenting to investors or financial institutions, and many other applications.

Depending on the scope of the project, marketing and public relations activities may also begin in order to start creating public awareness of the development, as well as initiating early sales campaigns.

In a well organised project the Master Plan is a collaborative work of the specialist designer such as golf course/sports facility designers, master plan architect, buildings architect, engineer, environmental consultant and other specialists.

GreenScape can provide a co-ordination service for the master planning of projects. We can recommend the right designers, architects, engineers and other specialists for the type of project being proposed. Our many years of experience in this areas enables us to make a positive impact at early concept stage, allowing our clients and the other members of the project team to work togteher effectively, thus producing carefull-considered and coherent master plans.

Design & Technical Co-Ordination through Development Phases

GreenScape can follow on from master planning to co-ordinate the design development team through the subsequent phases of a project, to ensure that all drawings and documents are delivered on time, and in compliance with the master plan. Typically these phases and tasks will include;
  • Submission to Statutory Authorities;
  • Detailed Design;
  • Construction Drawings, Specifications and Construction Contract Documents;
  • Tendering/Bidding Process;
  • Site Inspection through construction;
  • Final 'as-built' drawings and documents;

Specialist Golf Design by Roger Jones Golf Design

For all clients wishing to develop golf or golf-related project, GreenScape refers to, and recommends, the services of Roger Jones Golf Design.

For further information on the services offered by RJGD CLICK HERE or go direct to RJGD website at

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